Case study

School for Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) supports young entrepreneurs to develop the skills, strengths and networks they need to create lasting social and environmental change. The organisation runs a number of two-day programs at St Katharine’s throughout the year.  

The programs held at St Katharine’s usually run for two days, with participants staying overnight. Day one consists of workshops, with experts coming in to deliver sessions on subjects such as marketing or pitching. The second day is much more focused on group work, with participants breaking out into different rooms in the building.

“The meeting rooms are big and comfortable with lots of space and light. We use St. John Groser for the workshops because it’s so spacious, and the Queen Matilda and Chapter rooms are used as breakout spaces for group work. The team always work with us to set up laptops, presentations and whatever technology we need in the rooms, and everywhere is super clean - almost shining.”

Briana Fernandes, Programme Officer, SSE


The feedback the SSE get from participants on the programs is always extremely positive. Many of those who attend live and work in London and are surprised to find such a calming space in the middle of the city.

“St Katharine’s is a real haven in London. You feel like you’re away from London but you’re still in the city - that’s a great combination and so rare. I get emails from participants saying they used the garden and the quiet spaces and found it very calming. So it’s a great space for our social entrepreneurs to leave their stresses behind and just focus.”

Briana Fernandes, Programme Officer, SSE


St Katharine’s is the school’s first choice for programs that require overnight accommodation in London. The fact that everyone stays over and eats together in the dining hall means people have more time to talk, get to know each other and see how they can help each other. And the team at St Katharine’s are always smiling and happy to help.

“The team at St Katharine’s are nice, kind and always helpful. We know where the main office is so we can go and knock on their door, and they step in right away if there’s anything we need. There have also been times where we have asked Jonathan to give our participants a tour of St Katharine’s and share a little bit of the history, and he’s always been available to do so.”

Briana Fernandes, Programme Officer, SSE