Our purpose

Our Purpose


Our values and ethos underpin everything we do at The Royal Foundation of St Katharine.



We are a charity that has to be financially independent and receives no funding from the Church of England or any other body. We are not for profit and any surplus that might be made on our work is invested in developing the service.

We aim to bring in sufficient income to be able to provide reduced rates for charitable organisations, community groups and other not for profits.

We are sometimes able to access grants in order to help people enjoy retreats who wouldn’t be able to afford it.

We also want to be able to generate charitable funds to support local East London needs. Over the years a number of people have given generously to support our work and we continue to value generous gifts and grants that allow us to deliver our services.

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We have a small group of people who are committed to our regular prayers in the chapel. During the week there is a regular pattern of prayer. It is a particular joy that people send in prayer requests from around the world and we pray for these needs as well as for our City and Country.

Please know you are always warmly welcome to send our prayer team your prayer requests to: prayerrequests@rfsk.org.uk