Food at RFSK

our philosophy

At the Royal Foundation of St Katharine, our ethos is taking care of people. That’s why we strive to provide tasty, wholesome and nutritional food for all our guests, whether you’re here for a short stay, a conference, or a retreat.

All our food is freshly prepared on-site, using ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. We strive to make everyone feel welcomed and included and cater to all dietary requirements.


Food at RFSK

Delicious Meals

Guests staying at St Katharine’s can enjoy a traditional continental breakfast, with a wonderful selection of freshly baked pastries, smoked salmon, cured meats, cheese, eggs, yoghurt and fresh fruit, as well as fairtrade tea and coffee.

For our conference guests, we offer a range of wholesome menus, including our conference breakfast and buffet lunch. We also offer light refreshments, which can be served at any point throughout the day.

Meals are served in our bright and spacious dining room overlooking our beautiful gardens, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


Food at RFSK

Yurt Café

London’s only Yurt Café is a warm, fun and welcoming space for people from all walks of life. You can enjoy delicious homemade food and an array of drinks, including craft coffee, specialist teas, wine, beer, and even cocktails.

The Yurt Café is a social enterprise run by the Royal Foundation of St Katharine. Our aim is to create an engaging space for both the local community and visitors to the area, and you can guarantee a warm welcome from our friendly staff.

We offer fresh, nutritional food prepared on-site, as well as marvellous cakes and pastries from local bakery Rinkoffs. We are exceptionally practised at being dietary and allergen aware and serve vegan and vegetarian dishes every day.

Come join us any day of the week for lunch or a coffee and a cake. Or, join us for our scrumptious weekend brunch.

The Yurt Café is open 9am - 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Yurt Opening Times

The Yurt Cafe is open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Sunday. Call 020 7791 9871 to order some delicious food to takeaway.

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Food at RFSK

Our Menus

Hot Buffet Sample Menu

Main Course 

Charcoal Grilled Sword Fish with Chimi Churro & Norwegian green mussels [ F, Mo]


Marinated Roast Chicken [no allergies]


Stuffed Aubergine with slow cooked vegetables & vegan cheese [Vegan]


Side Dishes

Steamed Vegetable Rice


Steamed Italian Broccoli

Roasted Potatoes

Sweetcorn Mexican salad

Garden Salad



Fresh Fruit Platter (No allergens)


Cake of the Day (G, E, M, N)

Add something extra

Seasonal soup with freshly baked bread

Homemade quiche of the day

Chef's cheeseboard served with homemade chutney and crackers

Sandwich and Light Buffet Sample Lunch


(upon request Chef's can prepare variations)

Salami and roast pepper on Italian focaccia (G)Ham, tomato and rocketon English muffin (G,Mu)

Cold Dishes

Avocado on GF oatcakes (no allergies)

Beetroot Salad (no allergies)

Smoked salmon roulade on rye bread (F, M, G)

Hot Dishes

Selections of falafel (no allergies)

Turkey and feta quiche (G, M, E)

Naan bread with tomato sauce and cheese (M, G)


Leek and potato (No allergens) Vegan


Fruit platter - (No allergens) Vegan

Salad of the day
Dessert of the day

Retreat Lunch

Selection of artisanal sandwiches and salads served with soup of the day, homemade quiche of the day, salad of the day, hand cut fruit platter, fair-trade filtered coffee and speciality teas. Gluten free & vegan options available upon request at the time of booking.

Chefs cheeseboard served with homemade chutney and crackers
Chefs charcuterie board with homemade pickle and focaccia

Dessert of the day

Conference Breakfast

Two main breakfast served with your choice of two side dishes, served with fresh fruit juice, fairtrade filtered coffee and speciality teas. Gluten free & vegan options available upon request at the time of booking


Egg roulade with avocado (E)

Egg roulade with salmon (E, F)

Egg roulade with crème cheese and chives (E, M)

All served with toasted sourdough

Choose two sides from:

Natural yoghurt & fruit compote

Fruit salad with granola and yoghurt

Pancakes with pistachios and blueberries

Porridge with banana mash and berries

Fairtrade filtered coffee and speciality teas, served with fairtrade biscuits. Typically served as a mid morning break as part of our day delegate packages.


Fairtrade filtered coffee and speciality teas, served with freshly baked pastries. Typically served as arrival refreshments as part of our day delegate packages.


Fairtrade filtered coffee and speciality teas, served with freshly made cakes. Typically served as a afternoon break as part of our day delegate packages.

Three courses feasting menu

Please choose a menu of two starter dishes, three main course dishes, and two desserts.
We will produce equal portions of each dish to allow your guests a selection.


Starters (Choose two)
Green beans, wild mushrooms and tofu salad Served with lemon and honey dressing (S) [Vegan]Wild rocket, blueberry, almond flakes and shaves parmesan salad Served with orange and blue cheese dressing (M, N)Roulade of smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives Served with mustard, lime and honey dressing (F, Mu, M)
Chicken satay skewers With pineapple and pomegranate salad and sweet chilli dip (N, D)Main Courses (Choose three)Braised lamb steak with maftoul and chickpeas Served with minted yoghurt (G, D)
Moroccans marinated style chicken Served with Mediterranean warm salad (No allergens)Grilled tuna steak Served with pineapple salsa (F)Wild mushrooms polenta Served with organic watercress sauce [Vegan]
Roasted butternut squash, tomato filled with lentil panadas
Served with cherry tomatoes pulp
Dessert (Choose two)
Homemade carrot cake Served with Chantilly cream and crushed walnut (N, E, M, G)Strawberry tiramisu Topped with chocolate shaves (G, M, E)Fruit skewers With fruit coulis [Vegan]Forest fruit cheesecakeServed with fruit compote (M, E, G)


Please choose a selection of five of the following



Mini spinach and feta tarts with olive tapenade (E, G, M)

Nectarine wrapped in Parma ham (No allergens)

Cucumber filled with blue cheese and dill (M)Gluten free mini crostini topped with aubergine spread [Vegan]

Mini prawn cocktail (F, E, Cr)Egg and mayo mini tarts (E, M, G)



Mini lamb kofta with mint raita (M)

Rarebit on brioche with rocket and walnut pesto (M, N, Mu)

Vine cherry tomatoes and tofu skewers (S) [Vegan]

Oriental style tuna and roasted sesame bite (F, Se, S)

Sweet and sour chicken lollipop (S)Baby jacket potatoes filled with ratatouille [Vegan]



Vegan mini brownie with fresh raspberries [Vegan]

Mini summer berry tarts (G, M, E)

Mini lemon tart and crème diplomat (G, M, E)

Strawberry and green peppercorn dipped in dark chocolate (M)

Canapes (Premium)

Please choose a selection of five of the following



Red pepper and goat cheesecake (M)

Crostini with avocado and wild mushrooms [Vegan]

Qualis egg with cod roe on brioche crostini (E, M)

Rosti potato with smoked salmon and cream cheese (M, F)

Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham with blood orange hollandaise (E, M)

Smoked halibut tartar (F, E, M)



Mini asparagus tarts with chervil hollandaise (E, M, G)

Cured beef and gherkins wrap (No allergens)

Miso king prawn skewers (F, S)

Baby Sicilian aubergine filled with Mediterranean vegetables [Vegan]

Vegan artichokes cups filled with spinach [Vegan]

Beef steak bite with chimichurri (No allergens)



Strawberry cheesecake shot (M, G, E)

Passion fruit pavlova (E, M)

Chocolate and caramel mousse [Vegan]

Cake pops dipped in chocolate sauce [Vegan]

Sample Menu


(Please choose a selection of 5 Bowls)

Feta cheese and Sautee new forest mushrooms salad (M)

Chicken Ceasar with parmesan shaves, anchovies and croutons (M, G, F, E) Caramelised vegetables with pine-nuts and quinoa salad (N) [Vegan]

Beetroot and plum salad with baby spinach (No allergens) [vegan]

Teriyaki beef skewers with Chinese slow (S)

White and green asparagus with Parma ham chips and roasted tomato dressing (No allergens)


Chicken stir fry with egg noodles (E, S, G)Chicken ballotine with crushed new potatoes (No allergens)

Fishcakes with sauerkraut (F, Cr)

Chilli con lenteja served with pilau aromatic rice (No allergens) [Vegan]

Sausage with mash potatoes and onion gravy (G)

Mushrooms stroganoff (M, Mu)


Fruit salad Crème caramel (M, E)

Crème Brulee (M, E)

Fruity truffle with custard (M, E, N, G)

Bircher with fruit and chocolate chips (No allergens) [Vegan]

Minimum 15 people

Choose five bowls for a great alternative to supper or canapes

Sample Menu


Green beans, wild mushrooms and tofu salad (S) [Vegan]

Tiger Prawns with little gem and bloody Mary mayonnaise (M, E, Cr)

Smoked salmon and mackerel mousse with crostini (F, G, M)

Boudin of cornfed chicken with roast pepper mousse and wild rocket (M)

Crispy hoisin duck with caramelised endive and sesame dressing (Se, S)

Pepita guacamole with melba toast and almond flakes (G, N) [Vegan]


Lamb cutlet with creamed lentil (No allergens)

Oriental Stir-fry beef with rice noodle (S)

Slow roasted venison with celeriac mash and pan juice (Ce)

Fisherman’s pie with cheese and herb crust (F, Cr, M)

Pumpkin risotto with edamame beans salsa and truffle oil [Vegan]

Tofu bourguignon [Vegan] (S)


Exotic fruit salad (No allergens)

Bayles crème Brulee with meringue (M, E)

Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with summer berry [Vegan]

Belgium chocolate cheesecake (M, G)

Berry and granola crumble with crème anglaise (M, E)

Minimum 15 people

Choose five bowls for a great alternative to supper or canapes

Getting to RFSK


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