Case study

Principle Eight

Principle Eight is a consulting firm with a core focus on leadership and management development. They provide training, facilitation and coaching support to individual professionals and organisational teams. Over the last few years, Principle Eight have hosted a number of management development workshops and senior leadership retreats at St Katharine’s. 

It’s the space and the sense of calm that keeps Principle Eight coming back to St Katharine’s. With many of the delegates on their management development workshops being London-based, it’s also a great location with easy access from across the city.

“Once you come off the train and the craziness of the city, you immediately notice the difference. It’s calm, and that’s not just the surroundings, but the staff too. They are polite and easy to be around. They didn’t feel like hotel staff who just want to ‘process’ you, the St Katharine folks wanted to make sure we were comfortable.” 

“Space is another big consideration for us and St Katharine’s has that in abundance. Our workshops involve a lot of team building activities and we also need space for people to go and reflect and have significant conversations.”

Lara Rabala, Lead Consultant, Executive Coach & Trainer, Principle Eight


At the management development workshops, delegates use the St. John Groser Room for group training and the lounge and gardens are used for smaller group work. For the senior leadership retreats, the Chapter Room is used because it is smaller and more intimate, making it more suitable for the deeper conversations they wanted to have.

“St. John Groser room is spacious and bright with the big glass windows bringing in plenty of light. It’s really nice to then go out into the atrium and have coffee and a comfortable seat during breaks.”

The feedback Principle Eight gets from delegates is always positive. The green and spacious setting in the centre of London brings in a ‘wow’ factor, and the food and the Yurt Café are also very popular. On some of their retreats, Principle Eight have people joining from all over the world, and St Katharine’s is able to provide a wide range of hot food that caters to guests’ varying needs.

“The most common feedback we get is, “Wow, I didn’t imagine that this space existed in London.” That’s what everybody says. When they come down the road, through the door, and into this calm oasis, it sets them up with the right mindset for the day. If you’re looking for an oasis of calm in London to have important conversations, St Katharine’s is the place to go.”