The Royal Foundation of St Katharine is a charitable foundation which sits within the heart of London’s East End. Just minutes from the City and Canary Wharf, St Katharine’s provides an unparalleled sense of peaceful seclusion as a venue for meetings, receptions and personal reflection.

Our rich history

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine has a long and rich history dating back to 1147. Enjoying Royal patronage, the Foundation has established itself as a facility for both practical and pastoral care in the East End of London.

The Foundation enjoys the title of ‘Royal Peculiar, a site of worship which is under the jurisdiction of the British Monarch rather than a Bishop’. This rare honour allows for a symbiotic relationship between the church and lay people, encouraging altruistic action in the heart of the community.

East End Life

Offering itself as a venue primarily for not for profit organisations by providing affordable meeting space, St Katharine’s provides space for action and interaction between many different faiths and nationalities.

Locally, supporting the work and endeavours of local action groups and public sector bodies, St Katharine’s assumes a vital role in East End life.