Our Digital Services

Host hybrid online meetings & live streaming events from RFSK

St Katharine’s is moving with the times and have recently engaged experts in the industry to run online meetings, retreats and live event streaming from here at The Foundation

If you’re looking to host a meeting or event, our in-house technical team can facilitate and manage a variety of digital experiences to suit your needs:

  • Hybrid Online Meetings
  • Live streaming of pre-recorded or live video content
  • Video content curation and editing

Digital Packages

Hybrid Online Meetings

Host an online meeting from St Katharine’s and have participants join remotely.

Our team will:

  • Setup and host the meeting with Zoom Pro
  • Setup and provide a laptop for the main speaker
  • Setup the Logitech Rally Pro system in conjunction with the speaker
  • Provide basic training on how to manage the meeting and Logitech equipment

Optional extras:

  • Additional cameras and radio mics to use in conjunction with the Logitech Rally Pro system to provide multiple camera shots
  • Pre-record and curate video content to be used during the online meeting
  • Digital hosting of the online meeting including management of:
    • Logitech Rally Suite / additional cameras
    • Spotlighting (controlling what delegates see)
    • Audio control
    • Waiting room and entry to the call

Live Streaming

Live stream your event from St Katharine’s.

Our team will:

  • Setup and host the live stream
  • Curate the setup of the camera(s) & radio mic(s)
  • Editing of pre-recorded content in collaboration with the client
  • Advance meeting with the client to plan the content of the live stream On the day our technical team can host the live stream including management of:
    • Live management of multiple camera shots
    • Radio Mics
    • Running and timing management
    • Mixing of pre-recorded and live content

Discuss bespoke packages to meet your needs

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Meetings at RFSK

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine’s is a unique meeting rooms venue in East London with 9 rooms for groups from 2 - 70 in number. All our rooms offer plenty of natural light, with many overlooking our beautiful enclosed gardens. The rooms vary in style, from the listed Georgian house to the modern and contemporary rooms refurbished in 2019.